Script Development Services

We initially review the script and consider the needs of the project as a whole, providing an objective point of view as well as new possibilities.

We will work with individual writers and directors, as well as organisations in the following areas:

  • Possible development strategies
  • Character
  • Structure
  • Theme
  • Dialogue and visual narrative
  • Style, authorship and intent

Feedback is bespoke and adapted to suit the writer’s requirements, depending on whether discussion or notes are preferred.  Typical services include:

  • 2 hour first meeting (in person or via skype)
  • 1 hour follow up meetings (in person or via skype)
  • Feedback notes
  • Follow up ‘headlines’ email

We can work with the project through all stages of the writing process including early ideas stage, treatment, script re-drafting and polishing stages.  We aim to take the writer to shooting script or funding application stage. We also advise on story in the edit.

We consult on feature films, short films – fiction and documentary.

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