Scriptsmith unlocks creativity and supports the business of good writing.

Founded in 2009, Scriptsmith offers story consulting services to individuals and companies. It also designs and delivers seminars, courses, and workshops on film production, with a keen focus on screenwriting and script development.  Our expertise ranges from page by page editing to classical structure to global storytelling.

Story Editing

We thrive on script development work and collaborating with individual writers and directors to unlock the essence of their story.  Writers are encouraged to let their characters run free, taking the road less travelled, making inspired choices – to create the right framework for their script.

Screenwriting Courses

Our bespoke screenwriting courses provide writers and directors with the inspiration and tools to develop and re-write their scripts. We address all aspects of the screenwriting process – whether it’s an intensive seminar for a specific subject or genre – or a long-term course of project development.

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